We help companies in attacking their markets. We support leaders in defending their reputation.

Who we are.

We are a digital consulting firm specializing in online corporate communication and marketing projects. We work alongside large companies, international groups, and top executives.
Our clients are primarily based in the

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We are called this way because we incorporate the values of martial arts into our work: respect for clients, discipline in work, and determination to achieve results. We nurture talent in-house through our digital marketing school, the Digital Combat Academy.


We believe that in today’s society, personalizing a company’s digital presence is the best approach to increase the effectiveness of any corporate communication and marketing campaign online.

That is why our strategic approach is based on the integration of both company channels, organic and paid, and the personal channels of the CEO and leadership team.

Today more than ever stakeholders of a company – customers and partners, media and investors, new talent and employees – seek information and are influenced online by the personal channels of the company’s leaders.


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Top Projects

everything starts with a strategy.

CELS Group operates in the entertainment industry across Europe and the Middle East. For this client, we developed the digital strategy for its 5 business units and managed social content production and press office activities during the World Cup in Qatar. Today, we are producing a web series for the CEO.
"KeTrip is a tour operator specializing in adventurous trips worldwide. For this client, we developed the digital and social media strategy. Today, we handle social content production, advertising campaigns, and influencer marketing campaigns. We also manage the social media presence of the management.
Chiara Baschetti is an actress who has appeared in several TV series and films. She has also worked as a model for numerous fashion brands, including Armani, Fendi, and Cavalli. We have developed the social media strategy for her on Instagram. Today, we assist her in content production and online partnership management.
Lasagne Gelsomì is a food startup based in London. For this client, we developed the digital strategy to launch the ecommerce and redesigned the website. Today, we manage ads campaigns, produce social media content, support email marketing activities, and expand the company's B2B market through our network in the UK.
Trainect is a startup operating in the corporate wellbeing sector. For this client, we developed the digital strategy to optimize lead generation activities. Today, we manage advertising campaigns and provide strategic recommendations for the use of the website, social media, the Founder's personal channels, and offline activities.


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