Our newborn Agency started operating only at the beginning of 2023. But the trusted relationship we have with some of our current clients began long before we even founded the Digital Combat Agency itself. A great example is the Vacation Rental World Summit.  

BUSINESS – To keep it short, the VRWS is simply the best event in Europe for its category. It’s an in-person event targeting people who operate in the short-term rental industry at all levels. To make it even more clear, the Vacation Rental World Summit attracts property managers wanting to understand how to grow their business. It also gathers professionals from companies such as Airbnb or Booking.com who seek to connect with these property managers to generate and nurture leads.

OBJECTIVES – Thus, the event has two business objectives.

  1. Selling tickets to property managers all over the world.
  2. Selling sponsorships to relevant companies in the industry.

SERVICES – So how do we support this client, on a practical level? First, we develop the digital strategy every December. We plan how to optimize the funnel strategy to sell more tickets and how to communicate the event through social media to engage existing and new sponsors. Then, once the new year has begun, we execute the plan.

SALES RESULT – In 2022 our most active funnel strategist, Cristiano Boschetti, managed the advertising campaign that led to €120.000 in ticket sales with a total ad spend of €17.000. This year the event already sold all the sponsorships which on average bring about twice the amount of money generated by ticket sales. 

REBRANDING – Eventually, we also led the rebranding project of the event. As 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Vacation Rental World Summit we wanted to see the event embracing a brand new image – online and offline. Thus, we brought on board our partner specializing in brand identity, Tiablo Agency. We created the bridge with the client and Tiablo built a new image for the event.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Last but not least, 2023 is also the year we started producing visual content for the event’s social media outlets thanks to our content designer, Violeta Goycoolea.

CLIENT – Thanks to Antonio Bortolotti and his wife for believing in our work. We started working together in 2018 when the Digital Combat Agency didn’t even exist. Back then we were operating as a group of freelancers but we knew that one day we would have given more structure to our partnership. That day arrived. 2023 finally knocked on our door.

And we are proud of working with successful entrepreneurs such as Antonio Bortolotti, a leader who emerged stronger than ever from the pandemic era that struck tourism. A leader that brought the VRWS from gathering around 100 people in small venues to a leading industry event filling theaters and big arenas with more than 500 participants. 

The credit to the event’s success goes to him. We are just people doing the work we are paid for. Which is supporting companies and their leaders to achieve results online.